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  • 2020年04月01日In this context, the Pakistani Army Air Force is determined to purchase a Z-10ME helicopter gunship. After the AH-1Z and T-129 ran aground, Pakistan realized that only China was a reliable defense partner. China and Pakistan see each other as all-day strategic partners, and China has made the Z-10 fully domesticated, unlike the T-129. The purchase of the Z-10 helicopter gunships by the Pakistani Army's air force will be almost undisturbed by politics, in stark contrast to the AH-1Z and T-129 helicopters.
    ag百搭二王During the visit, Director Yang Jiechi will hold meetings and talks with the presidents and foreign ministers of the three countries. The visit will further promote China's relations with Central Asian countries and bilateral cooperation in various fields. 2020-04-01 15:42:02
    2020年04月01日Both Kagod and Guissé(Gisele Bundchen) are legendary models of the 20th century, often coming out one after another on high-profile shows, very content with the eye of two fans. It has to be said that Ms. Carmen also enjoys playing chess and is the president of the Estonian Chess Association.
    2020年04月01日What's the difference between you and me?